Before Your Private Charter

So… you’ve chartered a private sailing yacht or gulet, what now?

First things first, please get proper yacht charter travel insurance (don’t just use your regular insurance and assume it will cover you whilst at sea). Private boat charters often aren’t included in the free credit card travel insurance, so please don’t rely on that for your holiday. Accidents and storms can happen when you’re on your holiday, or even the week before you arrive, and in the event that the ship is damaged  beyond repair in time for or during your charter, your travel insurance should opt to pay for a replacement boat if one can be found so that your holiday can continue on as seamlessly as possible. If a replacement cannot be found, then hotels and transfers will likely be necessary, so your travel insurance should pay for that as well. Please check with them. We cannot control the weather, accidents or storm damage can sometimes happen and you need to be prepared for any eventuality. We sincerely hope it’s not required, but in case you need it, good coverage travel insurance should be in place. It is your responsibility to ensure you are covered. Please organise this before you go, make sure you get in writing from your insurance company exactly what is covered for private charters and what’s not and send us your travel insurance details before you go so that we can help you as much as we can if there’s a problem while you’re away. Thank you.

Private charter insurance varies, but we suggest you start with a policy something like this one with TopSail Yachtsman’s Travel Insurance.  You can buy insurance anywhere, just please ensure that you buy Private Charter Insurance,  not just regular basic travel insurance and assume it will cover you at sea. We cannot stress this highly enough.

What do we do when we get on board?

The crew should show you to your rooms and help you with your luggage. They should show you how to use the facilities in the bathrooms and show you where you can store your personal belongings in your cabin and your suitcases elsewhere if they don’t fit.

Safety on board: They should also give you a safety demonstration and show you where the life jackets are kept and tell you what to do in case of an emergency situation on board. We know you’re excited and want to get on with your holiday, but these things are necessary for your safety during your holiday. Please be patient.

What food is included: Check with the crew exactly what meals are included with your half-board option. Breakfast and lunch are usually included, and occasionally you can swap a lunch for a dinner instead, but you need to let the crew know at least the day before you want to swap. The crew cannot be expected to provide full meals at a moment’s notice. Still water, tea and coffee only are included with the basic half-board food option. Other drinks (such as soft drinks, beer, wine etc) are not included unless specified and you have chosen an additional cost drinks upgrade at the beginning of your charter. These options will be sent to you with your quote. If you do not want to pay for drinks as you go, please choose an option with drinks included.

What drinks are included: On your arrival, get the crew to show you the drinks list with prices on the bar if you are doing a ‘pay as you go’ option with drinks so that you know how much everything costs upfront. We recommend half-board is included with drinks for a fixed cost at the beginning to save you worrying about tallying everything up at the end, but it is up to you what you decide with them on the day. We are not involved in this process, so please ensure you keep receipts and get everything in writing. Drinks upgrades prices vary from gulet to gulet, so please get it in writing the day you board so there are no surprises at the end of the week. We will send you the food options when you first book, but it is up to you on the day you board in Croatia to ensure that you are getting the best option to suit your group.

Watersports equipment: Some of the included equipment will not be visible to you as it will be tucked out of the way so that you can walk around on deck as safely as possible. If the crew forget to mention to you where it is, then please do not hesitate to ask them. Not everything will be in plain sight. Kayaks and paddle boards (if offered) might be out of sight in the hold or somewhere.

Fuelled watersports equipment: Fuelled watersports such as jetskis, water-skiing, donut rides all need fuel and maintenance of equipment. Please let us know in advance if you want to be using any fuelled watersports equipment on your charter. If you want the crew to organise something else for you, they probably can, but they need time to do so. Last minute bookings for anything extra in high season in particular can be a problem, and repairs to any last minute problems with outboard engines can take a few days to get fixed in the busy period. Mechanical issues happen, nothing is perfect. Please understand that most things that are used on the water can have issues with their workings and sometimes need maintenance while customers are on board. The crew try to minimise this of course, but clients need reasonable expectations where replacements are involved or issues arise from unexpected inclement weather damage or similar.

Port taxes / marina fees: Port taxes and marina fees will be paid locally by you in Croatia, because these are dependent upon the itinerary that you choose after discussion with the captain and the crew upon arrival. It is up to you to ensure you ask how much each port is and how much that marina fees are for the agreed upon route before you set sail. Please get it in writing to avoid any surprises or confusion.

What do we do if there is a problem on arrival or during the week? Please text or email the emergency contact for Discover Croatia with every detail of the exact problem. Please include photos or videos if at all possible with a description of what is happening. Please also contact your travel insurance company to give them the details and authorise us to liaise with them on your behalf, so that we can help you as best we can.

What do we do if the transfer driver doesn’t show up? Please call or text the emergency contact number listed for your transfer, or the emergency contact number on your Voucher. We usually try to include a mobile number so that you can send a text. Most operators can read and write English well, even if they have a little trouble speaking the language, so sometimes a text is your best option and getting things in writing can make it easier. If you still cannot resolve the issue within 30 minutes, please ask your hotel reception to call a taxi or go to the airport taxi rank. Please get a written receipt from the taxi if you wish to claim a refund for a pre-paid transfer. Thank you.

Suggested itineraries:

Most vessels are chartered on a weekly basis from Saturday to Saturday from April to October.

If you hire a crewed vessel, the skipper will very likely suggest a personalised itinerary once you’ve had a chance to meet and chat and they get to know what you like to do and where you want to go. There are hundreds of beautiful bays that are known only to the locals, and hiring a skipper will enable you to experience Croatia as the locals do.

Return charters: Basic charter prices listed are for return charters. 7 nights is not really long enough to get from Split to Dubrovnik and then back to Split (or vice versa) with any time to actually spend relaxing. Most of the days would be spent travelling at sea, rather than enjoying the beautiful Croatian islands, bays and beaches. So we suggest that if you want to visit both Split and Dubrovnik with a yacht charter, then you consider a one-way charter rather than return charter.

Example 7nt return Itinerary from Split: Split – Hvar – Vis – Korcula – Solta – Trogir – Split.

Example 7nt return Itinerary from Dubrovnik: Dubrovnik – Korcula – Mljet – Elafiti Islands – Dubrovnik

One-Way charters: One-way charter is possible on most vessels, but it must be booked in advance and is usually an extra cost.

Example 7nt Itinerary One-Way from Split to Dubrovnik (or vice versa): Split – Vis – Hvar – Korcula – Mljet – Dubrovnik.

Cruising areas – you can find some information on cruising areas here 

Croatia Sailing Charter Costs Guideline:

Most yacht and gulet charters are for 7 nights Saturday to Saturday. The price shown (and paid through us) is usually for the cost of the charter only. Inclusions differ for yachts and gulets. The main difference is that gulets are always rented out with a crew cost already included in the charter price, and half-board is the minimum food option (and it’s obligatory). Gulets are traditional wooden sailing yachts similar to Turkish yachts, with plenty of room on board for entire families and much larger cabins than most sailboats. Sailboats such as single hull, catamaran and motor yachts can be bareboat chartered by those with a licence, so half-board and crew costs are not obligatory.

General type of inclusions for GULETS (this is an average, specifics will be given for each gulet when we send you a customized quote): 

The gulet charter price includes:
Charter of gulet on a 7 night, 8 day basis, including VAT
Crew and fuel for 3 to 4 hours cruise per day
Bed linens and towels for showering

Note: Air-conditioning running time is 4 hours per day out of ports (ie: when running on a generator, not plugged into the electricity at port). It all depends on the gulet and it is determined on an individual offer or contract. When the gulets are anchored in bays the air-conditioning runs on a generator and the generator can be a bit noisy. It’s just the nature of this type of air-conditioning.

The charter price does not include these extra costs. These costs are paid locally in Croatia directly by the hirer upon arrival:
Half board (breakfast and lunch) is obligatory on all gulets (from €250-€600 per person per week depending on the gulet and food and drinks choices)
Port and harbour taxes, fuel for generators and entrance fees to national parks (from €350–€1,000 per week total – it depends on the itinerary you have).
Beverages. You are not allowed to bring drinks on board. You can buy drinks from the gulet’s bar at reasonable prices. The bar prices will be listed on the bar. If you cannot see the prices, please ASK THE CREW to show you where they are.
Transfers from the gulet to the airport and back (we can provide this for you if you wish)

Half board – obligatory (breakfast, lunch)
Prices from €250 to €400 per person per week, depending on the gulet and the client’s wishes.
Full board – dinner is an optional extra (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Prices from €330 to €700 per person per week, depending on the gulet and the client’s wishes.

Example of LOCAL PAYMENTS for Gulet Charter
Port taxes 600 euros /week (approximate)  – obligatory €          600 0.68 $         882
Half board 270 eur per person/week (approximate) – obligatory  €       2,700 0.68 $      3,971
Visitor’s tax 1eur/pp/day – obligatory  €            70 0.68 $         103
 €         3,770 0.68 $     4,956


Approximate costs for yachts (**per week in Euros for bareboat charter):

Example of LOCAL PAYMENTS for Sailing Yacht Charter
 EUR     ROE  $ AUD
Port taxes 600 euros /week (approximate)  – obligatory  €         600 0.68  $         882
Visitor’s tax 1eur/pp/day – obligatory (8pax)  €           56 0.68  $           82
Skipper hire and provisioning costs are optional
 €         656 0.68  $         964

Crewed Charter options for sailing yachts (not gulets):

Catamarans and single-hull sailing yachts and motor yachts: All yachts can be hired either bareboat charter (you crew) or you can hire a skipper and/or extra crew. Generally the skipper is around 700-1000 euros per week, and the extra crew is 600-900 euros per person per week. You need to book crew and any provisioning you require well in advance.

Food for yachts is purchased by the clients upon arrival, or you can ask for the boat to be provisioned at  with items of your choice at your expense. Port taxes are paid as you go, and all marina fees and port taxes are payable locally in Croatia. These can be up to 600 euros per week depending on ports visited (large ports such as Hvar, Split, Dubrovnik are more expensive than smaller ports such as Zaton, Korcula, Trogir etc).

Gulets: All gulets are hired out with a full crew of skipper and 2 other crew members. The price of the gulet charter already includes the crew. Gulets have basic half-board as an extra cost (obligatory) or full-board (optional upgrade from half-board). You can also purchase drinks on board from the gulet’s bar, or you can upgrade on some gulets to include a drinks package with your half-board or full-board.

**Drinks prices are listed on the gulet’s bar. If you cannot find the drinks prices, then please ASK the staff before purchasing. Ensure you sign a receipt. Get everything in writing as we have no way of helping you if you have a dispute at the end of your charter about anything you have purchased or agreed to while on board if it’s not in writing.

Please send us an email at [email protected] or call us on 1300 660 189 if you have any queries. Thank you.



All ship descriptions on our website are sent to us by the end suppliers and we are not liable for any discrepancy in the listed features or services as we are not the producers of the marketing materials (we don’t take the photos or produce any brochures). We act as an agent only, we are not the end supplier and do not have access to visit every cabin on every ship and check every single feature before every departure. Thank you for understanding. Please see our full Terms and Conditions here.

All departures on specific ships are subject to any unforeseen incidences occurring before your departure. If that ship cannot be provided due to accident, emergency repair or similar, then a similar ship will be provided if at all possible, but please understand that there are few spare ships as they are all also being used for other cruises. We cannot guarantee any departure as the cruise companies themselves do not guarantee every single ship on every single departure as very, very occasionally there are issues that require repair or there’s been some ‘force majeure’ beyond their control. This is why we recommend you have proper travel insurance to cover you for all events.