Food Intolerances in Croatia

Some of our clients have asked for suggestions on how to find more specific requirements for their way of eating.

Here are some suggestions and a few websites that might be helpful to you:

  • Prijatelji Zivotina (Animal Friends) has a very useful list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Croatia
  • The Croatian Society for Coeliac Disease has a useful page for tourist, including (brief) information on restaurants for gluten-free meals and where to buy products, and some pages to print out to take to restaurants)
  • EatRunSee has a great blog post you can read for vegan options

Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Croatia

  • Makrovega is a vegetarian & macrobiotic restaurant in Split
  • Up Cafe is a organic cafe in Split serving up light meals and desserts
  • Art of Raw Food is a vegan restaurant in Zagreb
  • Vegehop is a vegetarian restaurant in Zagreb

Gluten Free in Croatia

Moje Malo Zlato is a small family-run bakery that produces fresh, great-tasting gluten-free (and lactose-free) bread and muffins, with their products stocked in locations all across Croatia. Check out their map to find out where to buy their products.

Special Dietary Requirements in Croatia – Useful Phrases

    • vegetarian (as in food, not person!) – vegetarijanski (ve-geh-tarry-yan-skee – with a hard g sound)
    • vegan – vegan (veh-gan)
    • coeliac – celijakija (seh-lee-ya-kee-ya)
    • Male: I am vegetarian… – Ja sam vegetarijanac (Ya sam ve-ge-tarry-ya-nats – with a hard g sound)
    • Female: I am vegetarian – Ja sam vegetarijanka (Ya sam ve-ge-tarry-yan-kah – with a hard g sound)
    • Male: I am vegan – Ja sam vegan (Ya sam veh-gan – with a hard g sound)
    • Female: I am vegan – Ja sam veganka (Ya sam ve-gan-kah – with a hard g sound)
    • Male: I am alergic to… – Ja sam alergican na… (Ya sam a-lerr-gee-chan – with a hard g sound)
    • Female: I am alergic to… – Ja sam alergicna na… (Ya sam a-lerr-gich-na – with a hard g sound)
    • I do not eat… – Ja ne jedem… (Ya ne yeah-dem)
    • I do not drink… – Ja ne pijem… (Ya ne pee-yem)
    • …eggs – jaja (ya-ya)
    • …meat – meso (meh-so)
    • …fish – ribu (ree-bu)
    • …milk – mlijeko (mlee-yeah-koh)
    • …dairy products – mlijecne proizvode (mlee-yech-ne pro-eez-vo-deh)
    • …peanuts – kikiriki (kee-kee-ree-kee)
    • gluten free – bez glutena (bez glue-ten-ya)